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Safety Plus Results: How the Right Physical Therapist Adds
7 Figures to the Bottom Line

March 13, 2019 | 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT
Duration: 60 minutes


The bottom line in business is everything. While safety is a priority in every company, it can often compete with profitability. That means all too often the safety/ergo team is siloed into its own compartment of the organization with its own tasks and objectives. The sales team and engineering department may be unaware of how things like an increase in production numbers and poor ergonomic design of the workplace affect employee health and can increase company costs.

This webinar will discuss how to solve these disconnects by integrating a physical therapist (PT) into the organization. You’ll discover what the right physical therapist looks like, how to integrate them into your entire organization and how they will bring bottom-line value to your organization to the tune of 7 figures (or more) a year. Topics will include:

  • How to identify the right physical therapist: background, abilities and value brought to the team
  • Examples of bottom-line savings in health, wellness and safety at the business unit level
  • Strategies to break down silos and truly integrate the PT into your company
  • Using the PT to plan for the future in health and safety, including the use of technology in the workplace

Attend and earn a Certificate of Completion you can use to apply for CEUs with BCSP directly or CoC points with BCPE directly.

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Tony Silva

Brian Boyle,
PT/DPT, Manager of Onsite Services,
WorkWell Prevention & Care

Brian Boyle has over 20 years of expertise working directly with employers in the following industries: manufacturing, logistics, textiles, poultry processing, consumable goods, commercial transportation, aerospace and oil. An expert at successfully integrating PTs into organizations, he has helped employers reduce health-related spend and increase employee health and safety.

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