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Ergonomic Disasters: Past, Present and Future

Dr. Steven Casey

Dr. Steven Casey, CPE

Most people, are surprised to learn just how many technology disasters, often attributed to human error, are actually the result of poor user-interface design. From his extensive experience in ergonomic design, noted author and Ergonomist Dr. Steven Casey will present a number of entertaining yet disturbing true tales of design, technology, and human error, and provide some cautionary words regarding emerging technologies and ergonomics.

Going for Zero! Preventing Injury at The Boeing Company

Amy May

Amy May, Director of Workplace Safety,
The Boeing Company

With a wide diversity of products and manufacturing processes, Boeing’s challenges in injury prevention, including ergonomics-related injuries, are numerous. But it has conquered them all with a company-wide initiative, “Go for Zero.” Find out how this comprehensive approach has driven preventive action at each stage of the production process, eliminating risk for injury now and in the future.

Human Factors and Ergonomics at Walt Disney Parks & Resorts: Enhancing the Magic for All

Robert Allen

Robert Allen, Human Factors & Ergonomics Specialist, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

Have you ever wondered how the fields of Human Factors and Ergonomics are applied within the Walt Disney Parks & Resorts? Learn the secrets of how risk factors are addressed for both cast members and guests, with respect to accessibility, safety and ride/show design. Hear the challenges of working in such a unique and diverse setting, and see how a focus on ergonomic issues plays a vital role in enhancing the Disney magic for all involved!

Healthy Buildings, Happy People

Jessica Cooper

Jessica Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer,
International WELL Building Institute

The time has come to elevate human health and comfort to the forefront of building practices, and reinvent buildings that are not only better for the planet — but also for people. Hear about emerging innovations and evidence-based research into how we can design buildings specifically to support the health and wellness of the people who live, work and learn in them.

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Alan Hedge

Alan Hedge, PhD, CPE, CErgHF

Professor of Ergonomics, Cornell University

David Brodie

David Brodie, MS, CPE

Corporate Ergonomist, Cargill, Inc.

Rachel Michael

Rachel Michael, CPE, CHSP

Principal Consultant, BSI Group

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